I’m a sound person so when I first heard the sounds on a computer I really liked them. I wished however that you could have different sounds for every program since the same sounds get boring and repetitive after a while. Well, here to answer my request comes a neat little program called Sound Association. What this does is it adds any program on your computer to the sounds list enabling you to assign any sound to it just like you can to the ones already on the list. When you go to your sounds in Windows 95 you see the programs that can have sounds applied to them. You have an open program sound that can be used but it applies itself to every program you have. With this program you can have a separate and distinct “open program” sound for any of your applications. Now when I open up Paint Shop a voice says “paint shop”. This goes for close program, error, question, ect. All of the various parameters are made available to any program you wish to add to this list. When I access my FTP space it says “Logs accessed” and when I quit the program it says “transfer complete”. You get the idea. As far as sounds to put into your computer there are many many sites that have all the WAV files you’ll ever need from outer space sounds to old time movie clips. You just have to go out and search for the type of WAV files you want to use. The Sound Association program is very simple to use and is available for download at the link below.

For a free download of Sound Association V3.0 click on the link below!

Free download! Free download!

Special thanks to LIOR OSTROWSKY for permission to use screen shots of the Sound Associations panel and art work from his web site for this article.

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