No itís not the phone, itís just that I wanted to thank all the people in the many rings we belong to and...... Well, I better back up for those of you who are unfamiliar with webrings and begin at the... well, the beginning. The story began in 1995 when a 17 year old web surfer named Sage Weil stumbled across a group of linked pages called EUROPa created by Dennis Howe at London's Imperial College. Weil took the idea and linked his pages together using a central location and CGI script. This co-ordinated traffic around the ring of sites from the one central location enabling visitors to go from one site to another or to an index of all the sites and there to choose the next destination. Sage Weil started Starseed Inc. bought the webring technology and system in december of 1997 and WebRing was born. From the first 1,000 rings in 1997 WebRing now has grown to amazing proportions listing over 40,000 rings comprised of 500,000 member sites. This increase is not over yet since WebRing has a growth rate of 10% per month and a visitor page request rate of over 500,000 pages a day. The advantages and purpose of WebRings are focus and quality. When researching a particular subject with the aid of a search engine you will find a unmanageable amount of data returned from an individual query. You may also be directed to a few commercial sites that paid the search engine for the privilege of being listed in the top 10 results of certain given search words. With the WebRing directory as a guide you have a much better chance of finding out real information by visiting sites many times maintained by top professions of that particular field dedicated to the subject at hand. The difference is the site you get and need for your research might possibly come up number 78 or so on a search engine. The WebRing offers a sense of fellowship in a specific discipline and yes even a sense of community. Thatís why I wanted to thank all my new friends in all of the rings we belong to and thank the Ring Leaders for their hard work and energy that has made these shining electronic pathways a reality. You can visit the may rings we belong to by going to the links page and then to the bottom of the following page for the ring portal.
Thomas G.Leary

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