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I have been very pleased to see my amigo Thomas Leary getting MAJOR airplay on his fine songs world-wide!! My personal favorite is...heck I don't have a favorite...I like them ALL !!



Classic is the word that comes to mind when I listened to this album. Most of the music on this very diverse country music album has a classic feel to it. The diversity of this album is also one of the sweet aspects of it as well. The album starts out with a sort of Barber Shop Country style song called Railroad Ruthie. The music then progresses into a foot stompin' country rock groove than is certainly infectious if nothing else. This is music that is meant to be fun. If you don't feel good while listening to this music, there isn't much else out there that will fix your problem. I found the music to be very unique and definitely something that is worth praise. It's not often that you hear music like this. Feel good music is getting harder to find, but Thomas Leary has more than enough to fill your needs for a while.

Michael Allison Sept. 2001............THEGLOBALMUSE.COM


If all the material you spread is as *different/unique* as Thomas Leary, you're welcome to send more! the music is done for *pure fun* and is somehow really *unique* ... Thomas Leary unique .. poppy .. based on country/rock'n roll/ american music ... Bluegrass Baby's damned catchy! I listened to your new CD 3 times today ... some songs even more often ... the last time I heard such a *freakout pop release*was when Zappa was doin' some *pop* songs or all the good 10cc albums also a touch of Bee Gees and Beach Boys .. but you sure found very your OWN style - these *entertainment ballads* like SLIPPED are WOW!! Lotsa Litter airplay guaranteed!

LORD LITTER / musician / DJ / promoter


I was thrilled when Shel offered me the chance to review a CD by an up-and-coming country music artist by the name of Thomas Leary, who is from my homestate of Illinois. He grew up in Illinois and Arizona and studied music at Milton College in Milton, Wisconsin. "Trails Got Me Mama" is one of my favorite songs on the album. It tells the story of truck driver who is torn between making a living and being with his family. Thomas Leary "Bluegrass Baby" the second song on the album, reached number 16 on the European Independant Country Charts this last summer. "Please Leave A Message" is a good ole honky tonk style tune. It's interesting to note that this song has just been released by the British music group "Dianne Rhodes And The Stone Eagle Band." My most favorite song from the album is most definatly "Wrapped Round My Finger." It's just got that certain somthing. "Trouble's My Middle Name" is a slowed down bluesy tune, very much in the style of the classic rock tune "Bad To The Bone." "Still The Lovin Is Fun" is a tune very much in the style of B.J Thomas' soft love tunes of the 1970s. "Forget About That" is a song that I just cannot get out of my head. I love this song!!!!! Its also more twords the 1970s soft rock style. Song List:

Trails Got Me Mama.......................Bluegrass Baby.....................Please Leave A Message.......................Wrapped Round My Finger.....................Gettin' Crooked...................Sad Song....................First Born......................Trouble's My Middle Name....................Outlaw Boogie.....................In The Daytime.....................Without You......................Still The Lovin' Is Fun ......................Slipped Right Thru My Fingers..........................Forget About That.......................Camelback Mountain.............Windin' Down.........................Ocean

Editor: Shelly Fabian Reviewed by Carrie Attebury April 2001........................................................ABOUT.COM


Thomas Leary is country artist who presents a diverse sound that ranges from bluegrass, classic country and modern country music. His simplistic country style pours on the charm and listener appeal. It's been a long time since I've heard a country album that presented such a flavor for pure enjoyment. Music that is fun and easy to listen to. Though the music had it's moments, I would have liked to hear a little more originality than there was. Many of the songs sounded a lot like others that I've heard from major artists. Thomas used a little too much keyboard for a country artist. The experimentation was nice, but it missed a little and sounded more awkward than anything. All in all, this is a good album and well worth checking out. I liked the pure country stuff a lot more than the pop stuff. That was the only thing that I found a little out of place. - Michael Allison - February 2001.............THEGLOBALMUSE.COM

NANCY JO GLASGOW/manager/creative consultant/promoter/friend NANJO'S MEDICINE SHOW SAYS:

A HIT CD! The music and songs are timeless, they have that UNEXPECTED quality and CREATIVE GENIUS. I appreciate the multi-dimensional talents of Thomas...his uniqueness and diversity and as IMPORTANT as all that he is a FINE HUMAN BEING.

NANCY JO GLASGOW/manager/creative consultant/promoter/friend NANJO'S MEDICINE SHOW NANJO'S MEDICINE SHOW

I can't say enough about your self-titled CD which you sent me a while back. It's a great album. It's a very heartfelt musical statement. I love the way you take the listener through various musical styles without ever sounding contrived. I find myself listening to it at times when I want to hear something honest and that tells a story of a person going through life in a bewildering world. Especially songs like "Sad Song" and "Without You." I hear echoes of the british group 10cc in "Forget About That," something you wouldn't have expected from a CD with a guy with a cowboy hat on the front cover! You have a real fan here! Let me know if you're ever touring the east coast. Glen July 28, 1998

That was Glen Stegner the Web Master of the Laura Nyro website. And since he mentioned it, we'll call it a request. That's a MIDI version of "Sad Song" playing in the background :) Glen is also an exellent composer and you can preview his great new CD "Ocean of Dissolution" at his website.......... GLEN STEGNER

This is good old fashioned kickin' country. Not country rock, country pop, but country, the kind they play in bars where the belt buckles are big and the woman's hair is high. Leary has a good sense of humor.......... BRAD HARVEY-OIL MAGAZINE

"Leary" is what the listener must be when involved with Tom. He's got a quick and sharp wit that can only serve to amuse you as you're being entertained by his music. For instance, As I read the credits on Tom's album, I had to chuckle at the following: "All drums, Percussion, bass guitar, electric & acoustic guitars, steel guitar, banjo, fiddle, keyboards, vocals, hard decisions and tough choices by Tom Leary."Further down is added: "For information concerning Mule Dog Records, the Tom Leary Fan Club, or comments on my driving, write to Mule Dog Records....." Tom's self titled album is a mixture of country, new age, blues, rock, & pop; 8 of the 17 selections are country."MARLENE SLATER-MY KIND OF COUNTRY 7/2/99

(OF THE SONG "BLUEGRASS BABY") "Wild mixture of New Country cheese, Bluegrass virtuosity, and a Zappa-like inability to resist changing direction within a song, or even a line. Swing, Honky-Tonk and all-out Boogie are patched together as hyper-exaggerated voices sing sentimental lines. Weird."

Webster & Associates Says:

"Thomas Leary's sound comes across the speakers with a full bluegrass flavor. His music makes retro blue grass so cutting edge and cool that is a musical breath of fresh air."

Webster & Associates

Ben Ohmart in The Muse's Muse Says:

These 16 tracks represent Thomas Leary’s 2nd album, a self-made disc in every sense of the word. All instruments, voices, and production by TL himself. Quite an accomplishment. Though in all honesty, it Sounds like a self-made album, in that the mostly country songs are simple in ornamentation, a bit uniform in backing vocals (though the man’s got a real ear for harmonies), and an absence of some real lively solo. But that’s not what this cd is supposed to be. Ever hear McCartney II? Paul did it all himself, as a sequel to his first McCartney effort: that was the point. And that’s what Leary seeks for himself. A few of the songs are remakes of previous winning efforts, the most important being the highly harmonized ‘Bluegrass Baby,’ a hoppin’ fiddle of a number that never fails to inspire barn dances among the young and old. ‘She’s my bluegrass baby / I was always rock and roll / Until the county fair /Wandered to the bluegrass stage / And found a lovely lady there.’‘Arizona Highway’ takes up where the backing vocals off on ‘Bluegrass Baby,’ like a Beach Boys country song. ‘Arizona highway callin’ me back to stay / I was just a young boy when we moved way out west / Drove straight ‘cross those open plains put that ol’ car to the test.’ Yeah, like a BB live gig from the 70s, with plenty of stomp and circumstance. Illinois guy Leary is quite a talented bunch of stuff. Definitely not straight country, and certainly not undiluted rock, yet the country side comes out a bit too strong to call this effort entirely radio crossover. But the airplay he’s getting for his previous effort is strong, and like a good couple cupsof coffee in the morning, this album kicks you into a state of big hat being.

The Muse's Muse

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