Fall 1996 Issue features, Letter from the publisher, Mule Dog goes on the Internet, Laura Nyro's home page added to list of links, Tom's little science corner, Mule Dog may have extra-terrestrial links, Mule Dog scrap book, Pictures from the past Spring 1998 Issue features, sound association,Tumi's cursors, Glen Stegner's Ocean of Dissolution, Web Ring, MULE DOG OPENS NEW STORE IN VR MALL! Summer 1998 Issue features, Mule
Dog Amusement Park, Letter From The Publisher, Webring, Pete Bartkus Interview, Mule
Dog Scrapbook, Studio B Wins Awards, Wheezer Lockinger, Possible Mule Dog Planet Discovered!, Mule Dog Records Granted Trademark, Instant Updates, Read What The Press Is Saying About Mule Dog's Latest CD Fall 1999 Issue features, British Group Releases Mule Dog Song, Mule Dog Records Hits the European Country Charts, Letter From The Publisher, Mule Dog Planet Revealed, Across The Miles Paul Mataki Review, Dianne Rhodes Review, Steadman Review, vTuner The Internet Radio Reciever, DSTUNER guitar tuner, Tom's Little Geography  Corner, Mule Dog Records opens store on VR world, Thomas Leary Review? Spring 2000 Issue features, Reviews of:  Michael Apidgian, Brant Miller, Hermann Lammers Meyer and Julie Ann, Download Free wallpaper of this picture, our pick for best software: Softy Font Editor, The Story Of A Font, HTML Picture Painter, Customize your Browser with Elicitus and Mule Dog's next Release Date Winter 2000 Issue features, Artists and DJs Rally To Help Sick Child, Thomas Leary Invited To Tour Europe, Download Free wallpaper of this picture, Rooster Quantrell, CD of the year, Shelley Buffitt review, Sara Simms Southern Sweetheart review, Music Match, our pick for best MP3 player/recorder, Ultimate Paint, The filter king, Go!Zilla monster download software, Free MP3 from Mule Dog CD, Letter From The Publisher, Mule Dog Scrap Book Summer 2000 Issue features,  Beth Singer, Pap And The Sidemen, Angela Baker, Clark Reid, John Sheehan, Download Free wallpaper of this picture, Text Pad: Super Text Editor, Cobasoft Clock For Your Tray, Letter From The Publisher Winter 2001 Issue features, Erin Hay, Jackalope Junction, The Blues Hawks, Rick Allen, Shelley Buffitt, Stoneagle, George Day, Anolog X: Cookie Wall and more, Text Reader, Release Dates, Letter From The Publisher Spring 2001 Issue features, featuring CD and software reviews of:  Van Morrison, Linda Gail Lewis: You Win Again, Kevin James: Generations,
Suzie Merwine, Corinda, Hermann Lammers Meyer, Amy-Jayne McCabe, Mark Diedrich,
George Lee Jr. & The Crazed Cowboys, Soundblaster, Sonic Implants featuring Afro-Cuban Percusssion of JAG Drums with Joe Galeota and ReValver Summer 2001 Issue features CD and software reviews of:  The Bellamy Brothers, Thomas Leary, Brant Miller, Kerrigan La-Brooy, David Frizzell,Tim Carroll, Lord Litter, Buster Doss and his Arkansas Playboys, Medicine Hat, Scooter Lee, Phyllis Leonard, Billy Hoffman, David Church, Troy Cook Jr., Xara 3D Fall 2001 Issue features CD and software reviews of:  Joyce-Meré, Don And Annie Kidwell, Darlin' And Rose, Jack Kapanka, Joe Stampley, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Endiche Vis.Sat, Richard Burr, Rustie Blue, Textpad, New Ride at Mule Dog Amusement Park and MULE DOG CD in Top 100 Worldwide Fall 2002 Issue features CD and software reviews: Brant Miller, Medicine Hat, Marion Randell, Donna Frost, Hermann Lammers Meyer, Victoria Boland, Frenchie Burke, Dugg Collins, James Rider & The 420 Turnaround, Dave 'Pappy' Hamel, AVG Anti-Virus, 1 Cool Button Tool Fall 2002 Issue features CD and software reviews of: THOMAS LEARY WINS BEST OF ROCKFORD COMPETITION MULE DOG PERFORMS ON THE WATERFRONT
 REVIEW HANK COCHRAN REVIEW TIM JAVUREK REVIEW_MICHAEL BALLEW REVIEW_BARBARA DOSS PROMOTIONS REVIEW_MELANIE COURTER REVIEW__RAY WILINSKI NEW MULE DOG T SHIRTS AVAILABLE SOFTWARE_ALIEN SKIN'S IMAGE DOCTOR SOFTWARE__DESKTOP CALENDAR SOFTWARETHE FIREWALL FOR YOUR COMPUTER TRUE TONE MUSIC now on the web at www.truetone.us_QUALITY, SERVICE, AND VALUE T SHIRT AND CD SALES BRISK* ON THE WATERFRONT  MULE DOG PHOTOGRAPHER: CRYSTALYN MULE DOG FINALLY HITS THE BIG TIME!!! Spring 2004 Issue features reviews and articles:Robert Horton in Scottsdale, AZ for the Festival of the West, Hubert & Wieska Szymczynski, Sammy Sadler, Hilljack, Randy Thompson, George Tillett, Xenofex 2 by Alien Skin Software, T Shirts and CDs? We still have some left! Mule Dog releases TL3 CD, The rave reviews are coming back already, Mule Dog Records opens up new technological division. Winter2005 Issue features CD and software reviews of: CD of the year! The Martian Experience by Bob Baran of Gathering Wave, Exclusive Music Video from Mule Dog Records, Tombstone Western Film & Book Exposition pictures, New logo for TL Technological,  Review: Kate James and Lost Review: Clay DuBose, Review: Traveling Without Leaving by Keith Perry, Software review: Spybot - Search & Destroy, Mule Dog Web Design Expanding Into Print Media, Cheap Trick's Bun E. Carlos and Mule Dog's Thomas Leary sit in with The Blues Hawks, Cheap Trick's Bun E. Carlos and Mule Dog's Thomas Leary sit in with The Blues Hawks Summer 2010 issue coming soon featuring: Colorado, iTunes, TL4, Evergroove Studio, An interview with Vocal Teacher Sheila Vayenás, new software reviews and much more

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