Thomas Leary

A review by Ron Harkins

Here it is way ahead of the 2002 scheduled release date as predicted by writer, producer and performer Thomas Leary. Let me introduce you to TL, a CD filled with toe tapping, fun to listen songs. I have been drawn to his unique style, method of a recording and to how his tunes just seem to have the presence of greatness in them. Very seldom have I come across any song that presents something new each and every time I listen to it. Now keep in mind several of these selections have been in process for years and redone endlessly. Improvements have been stacked on top of improvements but believe me those efforts haven’t been hidden, lost or forgotten. They have been waiting for you to discover. In May of this year Thomas sent me a copy of TL2, a CD containing two selections of things to come years from now. So being a person that likes to ride on the wave of the future I gave it listen. Now understand TL2 was just a peek of what’s on TL at that time. First there is Lovin’ You Forever which certainly has great potential. Each and every instrument has its line to follow. It is great to hear the piano and organ working together, bongo’s and what all … super vocal with new things popping out each time I play it. Give this song a listen. Next there is Back In The U.S.A. On the first note I said I REALLY LIKE IT!!! This could easily be the new song for the US Army ... ARMY OF ONE … You Can Be Whatever You Want To Be. Then if not for the ARMY how about the NAVY and the 24 US NAVY Crew Members shot down in China and now BACK In The U.S.A, the New Tie A Yellow Ribbon. Then there is Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, President Bush’s visits overseas and maybe even your return home to the U.S.A. Each and every time this CD selection is played I am certain you will say that it was written just a moment ago because it is like reading the daily newspaper, hearing the National and Local news and then hearing a song that fits those stories.

Ron Harkins is a broadcast sound engineer/consultant/mobile DJ in the metro Phoenix area. Ron's family has been in the entertainment business since 1933, including AM-FM-TV stations and movie theatres in Arizona, California and New Mexico. He owned and operated an FM station in the metro Phoenix area for eight years in the 70’s. Over the years he has supervised concert promotions, stage sound and lighting including studio and live recordings.


1. Railroad Ruthie

2. Lovin' You Forever

3. Bluegrass Baby

4. Back In the U.S.A

5. Arizona Highway

6. In The Daytime

7. Arizona Woman

8. Hard Road

9. Trail's Got Me Mama

10. The Test

11. It's About Family

12. Lonestar Moon

13. Crystal

14. Slipped

15. Camelback Mountain

16. Adiós

Over one hour of great music!

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