Spring 2004  
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THIS ONE'S GOT THE BEAT!! BOOM BOOM BOOM and more BOOM! We didn't forget the BOOM this time and you can't EVEN sit still when you spin this deep new disc from the one and only Mule Dog Records baby! We got the BANG and the BOOM with nonstop BOOM BOOM BOOM. Did I say BOOM? OK don't take my word for it if you want you can check out the reviews that are coming in from all over! REVIEWS

Mule Dog Records is proud to announce we have just released the newest addition to our catalogue. With this new CD also comes a new direction for us and we hope those of you that have enjoyed our music in the past will give this new CD a listen.

You can check out the reviews that have come back so far on the review page: REVIEWS

This CD contains a duet featuring Melinda that we know you'll really like so be sure to check out "You Wanted To" featuring Melinda and Thomas singing together.

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