Spring 2004  
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It was getting a little late in the process that takes me close to actually putting out this fine quality magazine. Ok, I was about one year late! I received another CD for possible review. I would usually listen to it and throw it in the pile at this late date but the music on this CD is so good it went to the top of my play list. There is an art to putting together a good CD. You need a combination of a few things; the musicians, the instruments, the singer, the recording equipment, the engineers, and oh yes, the songs. This one for me is about the songs. Sammy has assembled the finest songs written by some of the greatest songwriters I've heard. The styles are new but with the familiar old quality that can bring out the feelings of the listener. If I were to compare some of this to anything it would be in the same league as one of my favorite songs of all time "Old 55" by the Eagles. Most all of the songs have that familiar "cherished old freind" quality. They call Sammy the "salt of the earth" and he has the heart to present these songs giving them the feeling and depth they deserve. This is a real keeper and one of those CDs that just gets better and better every time you listen to it. I really love a good song and "Hard on a Heart" by Sammy Sadler has more than its' share! Sammy became spokesperson for the National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA) in 1992 and will speak at a special Congressional hearing for victims' rights on Capitol Hill this April. You may visit his site at:

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