Spring 2004  
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Robert Horton to appear in Scottsdale, AZ

Robert Horton will be making an appearance in Scottsdale, AZ March 18 - 21, 2004 for the Festival of the West. If you're in the area you should make plans to attend.

The western stars that will be appearing this year are: Peter Brown, Harry Carey Jr., Jessi Colter, Ben Cooper, Alex Cord, Diamond Farnsworth, Robert Fuller, Robert Horton, Whitey Hughes, Dick Jones, LQ Jones, Mary Ellen Kay, John Lock, Chris Mitchum, Mike Moroff, Andrew Prine, Rusty Richards, Dean Smith, Buck Taylor, Dennis Weaver, and Johnny Western. Last Summer our Mule Dog photographer attended the "Warren Earp Days" in Willcox, Arizona July 11th -13th and brought back some great photos we'd like to share. We'll let her tell the story in her own words as you enjoy the great photos:

Warren Earp Days -- Willcox, Arizona -- July 11 - July 13, 2003

By Melinda

Warren Earp Days is held annually in historic downtown Willcox. Warren Baxter Earp is the youngest brother of Wyatt Earp. Highlights of the event are a dinner theater, historic reenactments, Western Book Exposition sponsored by the Western Writers Association, carriage rides, Old Western movie star photo ops, and various events at the Rex Allen Museum. I'm glad I'd gone to Willcox to check it out 2 weeks before. Thanks to the Willcox Chamber of Commerce, and the Rex Allen Museum, where the security man...Dennis...actually unlocked the doors and showed me where the stars would be signing autographs and selling CD's.

Robert Horton.......................................... Linda sitting on Robert, and Dirk's laps

The first day: Friday, July 11: I was the first one in the door and when Robert Horton had picked out the table he wanted I had him sign one of his photos for me. I asked him if he wanted something to drink and he wanted a Diet Coke with ice. I said "No problem! Be right back." and brought one back before the ice melted. It was HOT by then. Later when I mentioned I hadn't bought a ticket to the Dinner Theatre for that night, Robert talked with Jim Clark and the others, and they agreed to let ME have Marilynn's ticket. Marilynn Horton couldn't attend that evening. I met everyone at Robert's hotel and went to the Dinner Theatre in a van with his party. I felt like Cinderella, or at least royalty walking in with all these people who are still so famous, and everyone already there watching our entrance. We had a FANTASTIC dinner prepared by the Elks Club Members. There were steaks (filets) grilled outside, huge baked potatoes perfectly done, salad, dinner rolls, and VEGGIES! Everyone was thrilled with the veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots) because they hadn't had a lot of good food till then. THEN, there was cheesecake drizzled with caramel for dessert. As soon as they were taking away our plates, the lights dimmed, then went out, so we figured the play was starting. Wrong! All the electricity in the city went out because of a freakish Summer storm. The play went on by candlelight until the power went back on after intermission. The last day was a lot of fun. I put my stuff at Robert's table again, and started wandering around, and stars and others kept giving me things, autographed pics, feathers (I took the feathers and put them in the band on my cowboy hat). I'll never forget the weekend I spent at Willcox and thank everyone there for making it such a fun event.


Back row: Jim Clark, Martin Kove, Peter Brown, Mr. Hickey (organizer of the event), Will Smith, Harry Carey Jr., Dirk London. Front row: Robert Horton, and Jan Shepard.


For more pictures click on the link:

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