Spring 2004  
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Randy Thompson

that's not me

Great voice, great sound. High energy but with great introspection all at the same time. Randy Thompson's third CD has a fresh new sound accompanied by solid lyrics. This CD is the best Country we've heard in the last year and is already in the running for our album of the year. Clever and crisp stylistically Outlaw/Boogie music that delivers the beat, twang, and a lot more. Randy's voice is really versatile and you can hear him go from rich and eloquent and then tighten it up to a hard bright New Country twang. Nothing beats the sound of a well played electric guitar and Randy bases a lot of his sound on that funky snap of a 6 string cutting through the rhythm of a nicely strummed acoustic. We especially liked "If Love Is What You Want". The craftsmanship on this song makes it a number one hit as well as an instant classic. Song after song is really what this is about. Nothing here sounds like something else (I guess that's called originality). The great ones can put out the quality like this and Randy is on his way to becoming one of the great ones. You can visit his site for more information at:


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