Spring 2004  
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Hubert & Wieska Szymczynski

Tom, Linda, Hubert and Wieska.

We recently attended a concert sponsered by the Swedish Historical Society and the Erlander Home Museum Here in Rockford Illinois at the First Lutheran Church and had the pleasure of being entertained by a most unique duo. Hubert & Wieska Szymczynski have created a very unique sound. They blend classical violin played flawlessly and utterly brilliantly by Wieska and Pop/Jazz/Boogie Woogie piano accompaniment played by Hubert. Even though Wieska's speed and complete virtuosity is almost blinding you have to stand in awe of Hubert's ability just to keep up and to anticipate her next move. When introducing some of the songs he will say that Wieska will be playing the notes as the composer has written, he on the other hand will not. His creativity expands on the original compositions bringing them into the 21st century and accessible to today's audience. Wieska's speed took our breath away when they performed the Carman Fantasy Opus 25 by Sarasate, a condensed version of the opera Carmen and brought tears to our eyes with the finale "What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life." If all of this musical magnificence wasn't enough they have a very interesting story: She is a world class violinist educated in Poland and Moscow, also a concert master of chamber orchestras in Sweden and abroad. He is a composer with a sense of humor and great writing and arranging talent who worked in the oppositional cabaret shows in communist Poland. To visit their site for more information and concert dates visit their site.

If you have a chance to see or hear this dynamic duo we guarantee you won't be disappointed.

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