The best sound investment I ever made was buying the Live Drive by Creative. The second best was installing a Creative Labs sound card in my first computer. It's no co-incidence since Creative has been leading the way in computerized sound for a long time now. Without having the time or the space to get into all the features that I don't even use like digital surround sound for your DVD, or game specific custom acoustic environments let's just say that Creative has all the bases covered. One of my main concerns was the ability to patch in a guitar line, record a track and then quickly switch over to a mic and lay down a vocal track. The Live Drive unit mounts right in the front of one of your 5 1\2" bays enabling easy access to a 1\4" input that comes with an on-board amp and volume control. Not only can you access the audio input from the front panel but also the MIDI in and out, a headphone out with it's own volume control and for patching into another recording studio there's SPDIF's in and out. I was looking at another system but there was no way since the Live Drive will load the all important Sound Fonts needed to go beyond the basic factory MIDI presets. For information on this and many more great products see them at your local computer store or visit:

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