Sonic Implants: Afro-Cuban (Latin) Percussion CD-ROM $99.95

When the Europeans moved across the great American plains they found that the Native Americans were reluctant to have their pictures taken. The Native American believed that the camera would capture their actual soul. This perception is indeed almost the same dynamic we see going on with Sound Fonts. We'll take as an example the great quality sound font CD from

made with the help of Joe Galeota from JAG Drums.

To make the sound font set Joe took his drums, talent and years of experience into the recording studio and with the trained touch of a percussion master coaxed the most rich and resonant sounds from his seasoned instruments. When you write in a note or hit a keyboard loaded with one of these sound fonts you don't just get the sound of a conga being hit. You get an articulated rich note with the fire and soul of the artist (thought I'd lost my train of thought didn't you?) This set of sound fonts includes afoxe, agogo, ankle bells, birimbou, bongos, caxixi, cha cha bells, clave, conga quinto, cowbells, rattles, maracas, pandeiro, reco reco, repenique, samba whistles, sencero, surdo bombo, tamborim, timbales, timbalitos, and vibrowslap. We were especially impressed by the wide variety of conga sets and the way they were grouped by stereo treatment. This enabled the choice of a dramatic stereo effect with one drum on the far left channel and the other on the far right or a more blended mid-channel sound. The congas also are played with much more fire than any standard MIDI bongos or congas We've heard. Mule Dog Records' Thomas Leary has provided an instrumental number to demonstrate some of the sounds on this sound font CD. The selection is called "The River". Sonic Implants does a great job of recording and organizing the sound fonts and has a great feature that you don't want to pass up. They give away sound fonts called "Sonic Leftovers". You can go to their site and download sound fonts to use for free! I have found some really valuable ones here and appreciate when a company offers such a fabulous deal. Don't forget that you need a sound card that will allow you to use sound fonts. Fortunately we have an article in this issue on the SOUNDBLASTER sound card that will do that for you. You can visit them and try some out at their site:

The River

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