ReValver is a DirectX plugin that can simulate a variety of Guitar amplifiers and accessories. You can use ReValver in any DirectX compatible application. ReValver will run in any DirectX compatible host system like Cakewalk, Pristine Sounds, Cool Edit etc... With this software the guitarist can select a maximum of 16 sound altering modules in any order. The choices include: 13 Preamplifiers, 8 Power amplifiers, 15 Speaker types, 3 Echo/Delay, Room simulation, Chorus, 3 Reverb types, Tremolo, Trim pot, Compressor, Parametric filter, Graphic equalizer, Noise gate, and Auto Wah-Wah. The effects are applied to the track after it is recorded so it can be used in a non-destructive way if you want to clone and preserve the original track for future changes. This is a great program for those of us who don't have an unlimited budget for our effects racks, amp setups and speaker cabinets. The interface is really sharp looking and is functionally flexible and fast to set up. The folks at Cakewalk liked it so well that ReValver is to be bundled in Cakewalk's new SONAR XL multi tracker, the generation after Cakewalk 9.0. For more information on this great accessory for your studio guitar work visit Alien Connections at:

The ReValver Song

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