Mark Diedrich has a new CD out and if you like a strong Folk-Rock sound with good lyrics and the unmistakable twang of a Rickenbacker 12 string guitar this CD is for you. Mark blends in some very nice steel guitar for us country folks too so this CD should please just about everybody. Mark is a very interesting individual and his musical depth comes from the fact that he is not only an excellent Byrds historian Mark Diedrich's The Essential Byrds, but he is also an author who writes books on American Indians of the upper Midwest region of the United States. The CD has some excellent material mostly penned by Mark. The only exception is a tune that is a real treasure called "True Love Ways" by The Great Buddy Holly and Norman Petty. The execution on this is flawless and Mark really brings home the fact that this is one of the greatest songs ever written. Everyone should hear this fantastic version. Mark let us know; "It is being released as a single on the April 2001 Country Hotdisc, which is sent out to 800 country DJs in Europe. (The Hotdisc is put together in Scotland by Stuart Cameron, himself a DJ, and also usually features big acts like Garth Brooks, Dixie Chicks, etc..)" It is a must as well as the wonderful tribute to Gram Parsons, "He Sure Could Sing". All in all, a very fine CD with a different sound. Although only a couple of dozen Euro DJs have the CD, it has been able to make number 38 on the latest Worldwide Mainstream Artists Chart for European airplay mostly, for February 16-28, 2001. Visit his site for music and some of the best writing we've seen about the Byrds and Buffalo Springfield at:

Mark Diedrich

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