Our magazine's scouts have sighted a bright new star on the horizon. Kevin James is the name and he brings with him a refreshing blend of Traditional Country and Western Swing guaranteed to please our Mule Dog Magazine readers. His voice is strong and clear and he has the quality that we believe destines him for greatness. Kevin's choice of material is fresh and compelling, keeping the listener interested and entertained with a very strong paced CD. The work is capped off by an inspirational number that leaves one with a wonderful feeling of completeness. Incidentally Kevin is a distant cousin of the original Jesse James (pretty good credentials for a country singer We'd say!) and he has some fun with a number called "Another Jesse James". The entire CD is as smooth as silk and has that great Nashville sound. A tip of our hat goes to the producer responsible for this fine work: Dick McVey of Dick McVey Enterprises, Nashville, TN. You can visit Kevin's site for more information at:


Generation Tex

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