Multi-award winner Hermann Lammers Meyer scores again with his own special brand of Traditional Country on His latest release titled "I`d Like To Live It Again". Europe's "King Of Dance Hall Music" breaths new life into a mid 1950's Ernest Tubb recording by adding a touch of swing and a whole lot of good ol' fashioned country. "I`d Like To Live It Again" was recorded at Starday Studio Nashville and features: Buddy Emmons, Hargus Pig Robbins, Pete Wade, Michael Ballew, Buddy Spicher, David Smith, Gene Chrisman and Background singing by The Callaways and Michael Ballew. Hermann's sister Marion Möhring is featured in a few very beautiful duets on this CD proving that talent does certainly run in families. This new release is a real upbeat offering from Desert Kid Records and is produced by H. Lammers Meyer, Tommy Hill and Jürgen Koop. This CD can be obtained from Desert Kid Records, Drosselweg 15, 26871 Aschendorf, Germany or by visiting Hermann's Website at:


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