Y'all ready for something different? I mean something REALLY different. Hey, different is good sometimes and this is one of those times. If your sick of the same ol' same ol' have I got an earful for you! George Lee & The Crazed Cowboys present a real alternative Country CD with their new CD: "Welcome To Hip Hop Country". There is a bit of hip hop influence but I hear an awful lot more of great rock-a-billy and Country. There is a very strange dimension to this work and reminds me of "Captian Beyond and Dire Straits go South". This is really worth picking up for a change of pace and is some really high energy partying country with some new twists and flavors. George says: "The music we've created has begun to take on a life of its own, and it continues to progress and move forward at a pace that amazes and thrills us. It feels and sounds like a hybrid of everything we've played, coming together." Great listening! For more info and some strange tales from the band visit their site at:

George Lee & The Crazed Cowboys

Welcome To Hip Hop Country

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