Drum roll please. It's official! Mule Dog Records is nearing completion on a CD single due out 4-1-2001 containing two songs from the up-coming release TL2.


Things have gone well with the new release. Thomas Leary/ Mule Dog appeared on the WORLDWIDE MAINSTREAM "MOST PLAYED ARTISTS CHART" 1 THRU 15 APRIL 2001 at # 101 and 16 THRU 30 APRIL 2001 at # 214. Mule Dog Records thanks the International DJs who have made this possible. We are so pleased with the results of this release we have re-recorded new up-dated versions of Bluegrass Baby and Trail's Got Me Mama and are releasing an interum CD titled TL. This CD will be sold until the TL2 becomes available November of 2002. The new CD will contain Bluegrass Baby, Trail's Got Me Mama, Lovin' You Forever, Back In The U.S.A. and more. Information and a free MP3 of Bluegrass Baby from this exciting new Mule Dog release is here:

New CD Information

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New CD Information