Softy Font Editor

Softy Font Editor

When looking around for a program to design fonts I found quite a few. After looking over ones that were priced all the way up to almost $800 I found a really neat shareware program that did the job for only $25. You can even try it out for free since it is shareware so this is our Mule Dog software pick.

Here's some screen shots of how I made the check font I use in this issue.

First I started a new font:

Then I drew in the first line with the mouse

Then by clicking the mouse I broke off the line and started in a new direction with the next line. Finally I wound up back at the starting point, clicked and finished the drawing of the glyph.

Then I mapped the glyph to the keyboard location, named and saved the font and I had my completely original glyph!

You can also study and edit fonts from existing sets. Here is an example of the letter J from Hans J. Zinken's Civi font.

A close up view reveals the complexity of the letter. The boxes are where the lines begin and end and the circles are the curve point where a curve is exerted on the line segments to form the shape.

This is what the font looks like. Please click on it if you would like to learn the fascinating story of how this elegant set was created in the Mule Dog Magazine article "Story of a Font"

If you'd like to try this great program out for free, visit the site here:

The program is also able to make a glyph out of a drawing like this TT font of the Mule Dog I made

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