Mule Dog Magazine Fall 2002
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  Zone Labs

Without going into a lot of technical detail, there is a growing danger on the Internet without adequate protection above and beyond good Anti-Virus software. The danger is from hackers and data thieves. The program is interactive and has a learning phase where you tell it which services you wish to allow access to your system and from then on they are automatically granted permission to communicate with the Internet. If any rogue programs or hackers attempt to gain access to your system or data, they are stopped and you are given a report that you can ignore or investigate. The most important thing is you, your data and your system is protected. As a nice bonus the New ZoneAlarm Pro 3.1 doubles your protection with enhanced Ad Blocking and expanded Cookie Control to speed up your Internet experience and stop Web site spying. Once you set it up you can relax knowing your Internet worries are over. If you wish you can go to the logs and see just what is happening out there. Their web site will even track the hackers and give you a location and identity of the intruder.


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Zone Alarm Plus

Try out the software you really need at the link below:

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