Mule Dog Magazine Fall 2002
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Gary White, and Jim Anderson ran the Mule Dog souvenir stand during the concert On The Waterfront. They did a fine job and we got a lot of laughs when I introduced Jim as "My good friend Paul Shafer". He was wearing his little sun glasses and people were doing a double take to see if it really was the famous late night bandleader. Thanks to Gary and Jim for helping out at this event. Thanks also to Roger Wylie former drummer of Wheezer lockinger who printed the T shirts and hand towels at Heartland Screen.

Artwork by Thomas Leary. The Mule Dog and Mule Dog are registered trademarks ® of Mule Dog Records, all rights reserved. Photo by Pielak . The TL logo, text, all music, photographs and art Copyright ©1995-2005 by Mule Dog Records all rights reserved, unauthorized duplication violates applicable laws. Mule Dog Magazine is a part of Mule Dog Records. *"BRISK"; we don't mean to suggest that sales were overwhelming or even moderately heavy. By "BRISK" we mean that the merchandise was there and it looked very sharp and crisp sitting on the table.


Gary White,

and Jim Anderson


Here's a great photo of the souvenir stand taken by road crew member Chris Pielak. If you'd like to purchase any Mule Dog T shirts or CDs you still can! Check out our promo page in this magazine by clicking on the yellow banner below:

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