Mule Dog Magazine Fall 2002
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This year for the first time Mule Dog was proud to be able to perform at the ON THE WATERFRONT festival. This festival is held annually in 30 city blocks of downtown Rockford and lasts 3 days during the Labor Day weekend featuring fabulous food, music, and fun. The festival began 19 years ago as a single event to celebrate the rich cultural heritage and ethnic diversity of Rockford and is now Illinois' largest music festival. Mule Dog was honored to be selected to perform and wish to thank everyone on the ON THE WATERFRONT COMMITTEE and all those who did such a great job putting together this great festival.

Special thanks to William Avila the Stage Manager for the Cafe Stage. Thanks also to Kim Wheeler of the River District, and Craig Scansguard and sound man Randy Little. A special thanks goes out to the Mule Dog Road Crew: headed up by Jim Anderson including this time: Brian Anderson, Security Chief: Dean Reynolds, Chris Pielak, Sam Pagani, Gary White, and Rick Donaldson.


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On The Waterfront

Road crew members Jim Anderson, and Gary White ran the Mule Dog T shirt and CD stand while Thomas performed

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