Mule Dog Magazine Fall 2002
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True Tone is now on the web at:


I wanted to thank my good friends at True Tone Music for the many years of excellent service and savings they have given me. During the preparations for the "On The Waterfront" concert Mule Dog relied on them for the new equipment we needed for the concert and were very happy with their recommendations. While the small Fender amp didn't really look big enough to do the job at an outside festival it turned out to be a real screamer! You can always count on True Tone for the right strings too and the new strings had just the right twang to make this Summer's tour a real success! I highly recommend stopping out for a visit to True Tone for guitars, amps, accordions, accessories, and the finest total instrument repair facility in the area at 2820 Charles Street Rockford, Illinois (815) 399-8065.

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Quality, Service, and Value

Here's a photo of owner Pete Bartkus and his son Brad in front of their wall of guitars. You can read the interview I did with Pete a while back at the link below:

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