Mule Dog Magazine Fall 2002
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  Barbara Doss Promotions

Barbara Doss Promotions hits a home run with the new Compilation #39 CD! She's gathered all the best talent on this one to make one of the best CDs we've listened to this year. The artist list reads like a who's who of the International Country scene: Troy Cook Jr., Robin Deeter, Bob Norman, Jillian Marie, Mark Brumfield, Sherry Leece, Tennessee Bill Foster, Foxx, Clint Miller, Jerri Arnold, Ernie Ashworth, Dick Shuey, Frank Durbin, Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan, Danny Grae, Brian Gladstone, Jim's Band, Brant Miller, Bill Dees, Plus in the Gospel section: Amber Morgan and The Whites. I don't know where you'll find this much talent all in one place. Our hat's off to Barbara Doss for putting this fine CD together.

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Compilation #39 CD


For more information you can go visit her at Stardust of Nashville:

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It was great to hear some of the cuts on this CD because not only are they songs by some of our best friends but they are also some really great tunes. As always Troy Cook Jr. shines. This time Troy sings "I Still Feel The Same". It's a real nice medium tempo Country tune that is another hit for this young star bound singer. You'll really enjoy hearing Mark Brumfield show off his deep rich Country voice on the "Two Story House". Our old friend Dick Shuey has a real entertaining song you just have to hear called " Bill Anderson Write Me A Good Country Hit Song". The most creative and bright spot on the CD has to be Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan with "A Handful Of Dimes". It's a little Western Swing mixed in with retro 40s and it sounds fantastic. Another toe tapper is a Bluegrass number by Brian Gladstone called "Asphalt Cowboy". One of our all time favorites is Brant Miller and he doesn't let us down on this one. Brant sings a great tune titled "World Without Guns". The CD wraps up with a couple of very strong Gospel songs especially little Amber Morgan's rockin' "Hero In White". There are many more great cuts on this CD and overall it's a hit for Barbara Doss Promotions!

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