Mule Dog Magazine Fall 2002
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Former Blues Hawks member Ray Wilinski has released an exceptional CD containing some great new songs. Even though he left the group a while back they still perform his songs and for good reason. Ray is one of the most creative writers in the area and has been for over a decade. While claiming not to be much of a keyboard player, he manages to lace his material with some really progressive and subtle keyboard work that you'll really appreciate. The bass and guitar work is flawless and has a really mellow driving quality that reminds me of The Atlanta Rhythm Section. There is a dark Bluesy misty quality that permeates the CD but it is after all, The Blues. The rhythmical quality balances it out whenever it gets too down. It's always a dichotomy on this one with Ray as if he's just about to go over the edge and just when it looks like it's too late he pulls up. A perfect example is "Better" that has the words that could be a bit depressing but has the music that keeps you lifted up telling you that after all it is getting "Better better all the time".



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Little Stories

You can visit his new MP3 site to hear some of these great tumes and for information on purchasing this fine CD at:

Ray Wilinski


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