Mule Dog Magazine Fall 2002
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  Michael Ballew & the Damn Good Texas Band

By The time you read this Michael Ballew & the Damn Good Texas Band will be just starting their tour of Spain (mid-October). He's spreading his own gritty brand of Texas music worldwide as his group tours the stages of Europe in between stints back in his old stompin' grounds of Texas. He's got his own brand of singing and songwriting that sets him apart but he still delivers that down and dirty honky tonk music that could only come straight out of a Texas saloon. Rodeo cool is a great Texas Country album and we recommend it if you're looking for Western Swing (and who isn't?) there are some great tracks of that too. Michael has some really nice "South Of The Border" type songs ("Living In Limbo" and I epecially like the humorous "I Can't Do That Anymore"). I was very surprised to hear a sound I hadn't heard since the legendary Barefoot Jerry in Michael's "Higher Standard of Leaving" but then Michael and this great CD is full of surprises.The CD is overall an excellent Traditional Country offering and I recommend going to his site and checking out some of the tunes.

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Rodeo cool


If you're lucky enough to be in Texas or Europe at the right time you might even see him in person.
You can stop by his site

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