Mule Dog Magazine Fall 2002
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Alien Skin has been at the forefront of the digital imaging field with quick and easy special effects for graphic designers since 1993. This new tool is a total departure since it does not create fantastic new art as their other offerings do. This software is basically a photo tool to electronically re-build photos. They describe it as a way of "intelligent, selection-based image repair and retouching. Remove blemishes and defects in seconds. Easily repair over-compressed JPEGs. Seamlessly replace unwanted details and objects." If you've ever had a photo file that was damaged or needed touching up you'd appreciate this tool tremendously. We consider this the most valuable digital photo accessory ever. We've included some before and after photos that were "doctored up" with this great little graphics tool.


Artwork by Thomas Leary. Sample images and Alien Skin/Image Doctor logo courtesy of Alien Skin Software. The Mule Dog and Mule Dog are registered trademarks ® of Mule Dog Records, all rights reserved. The TL logo, text, all music, photographs and art Copyright ©1995-2002 by Mule Dog Records all rights reserved, unauthorized duplication violates applicable laws. Mule Dog Magazine is a part of Mule Dog Records.




Download a demo version for free at their site:

Alien Skin Software


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