Mule Dog Records is proud to announce the opening of our new location in cyberspace. We've just set up shop in the newest world of active worlds called @mart. The world is a big mall with many cyber merchants selling their goods to the public. The big advantage this has compared to other on-line shopping systems is that the merchant can chat with the customers in real time while they browse.

If you already have the Active Worlds browser installed and open you can be teleported directly to the mall by clicking here. !@mart_15.75N_6.5E_270 You will then be able to visit the new store. You can also visit other worlds like AlphaWorld and build your own house or kingdom if you like!

If you don't have the AW browser you can get one for free. To download the FREE browser from Active Worlds click here.Free Download for VR Worlds!Special thanks to Lucrezia Borgia for creating this exciting new world.

Screen shots courtesy of Circle Of Fire.

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