Welcome to all of our old friends and welcome also to our new ones. The Internet has really taken off this year and we can expect many exciting things to happen as each month passes. Iíd like to thank all of the new friends of the muleydog who have said how cute they think he is. He is very delighted at his popularity but has lost none of his humility in the face of all the attention. Donít forget to stop out to and choose a picture of him for your pages. He would be very happy if you chose the one with his tail wagging. He says it is his best picture. Things have gone well with the web rings and I am very happy to say that they have brought a great many new friends to Mule Dog Records, and of course the cute little muleydog. A lot of people say they laugh uncontrollably when they see his tail wag but Iíve never seen that happen personally. This issue of Mule Dog Magazine branches out into the fascinating realm of technology by reporting on some of the free-ware we have tested and now recommend. Free stuff! I keep hearing thatís what everyone wants so here it is. Itís not our free stuff but it is free and we try it before we recommend it and it works on our system fine. We are of course not responsible for any damage to your system due to you using any of the software we recommend, but as I said we have been in contact with the authors of the programs and they all seem very reasonable and pleasant chaps and it works fine for us on this system. Since the last letter from the publisher we have added a credit card account that allows you to charge the CD on your credit card through BandNet. You may also, if you wish , order directly through Mule Dog and we will honor personalized dedications by request. There is a bit of good news concerning airplay of the CD in Europe but it is a little bit too soon for any details. Please stay tuned. For all of us at Mule Dog Records and Magazine Thanks.

Thomas G.Leary

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