Once in a while a great CD crosses my desk and it doesn't matter what style it is. For my country readers this may or may not be of interest but if you like rock this album is a must. This first CD of the English band Steadman is one of the best produced albums I've heard, bar none, and with dedication to detail like that the band is destined to go far. They also have a really dynamite website. The music has a really nice blend of acoustic guitar and strings and Steadman's high vocals and unforgettable harmonies float over the intricate metallic web nicely. The album does rock however, with very driving drums and heavy guitar lines but there is always a pulling back to a lower plane and then a return to an even higher energy level to finish the songs. This keeps the music from being far from the monotonous constant drive in most rock. This band has class! The music is very interesting and not heavy metal but more complex and subtle than most rock that's out there now. It was a very refreshing change from what I've been hearing and I look forward to continued efforts from this fine new group. You can hear some samples of the CD and get ordering information from their site at :


Let Down

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