Hi, I'm Melinda, photographer for Mule Dog Records and Magazine. This year I attended the Tombstone Western Film & Book Exposition. This is the third year I attended this event, though 2005 will be better since I received a much better camera for Christmas. By now most of the "regular" stars recognize me, and I meet more every year. This time I brought back some great photos of the stars and the behind the scenes story of this event:

















Until next time (when I hope to see you there in Tombstone, AZ THIS year, July 1, 2, 3, & 4)

This is Melinda...................

Happy Trails!

Dirk London and Melinda here! On the right is Dirk's lovely wife and actress Jan Shepard. I really love this couple, and they treat me like family.

Ty Hardin talking to a fan. I didn't get to speak to him though.
Robert Horton and his lovely wife, Marilynn. I was with Robert in Willcox for the Fest last year, but this was the first time I met Marilynn. What a great couple!
Melissa Gilbert with a fan's babies NOT hers! On the right is her husband Bruce Boxleitner.
Jan Shepard talking to a fan (left). On the right is the "little girl" who played Calamity on the "Calamity Jane" T.V. series.

Here we are all meeting the stars for the first time as they are introduced to us at the opening reception the first night.



More of the reception. I'm sorry it's so blurry, but you get the idea I hope.


"Say, if you're not an outlaw how come you wear that mask?" My friend Dave Barr on left, Jo Bannister in the middle and Colin as the "Lone Ranger" on the right. Colin works at all the Tombstone events he can, and did a great job introducing the film of the "Lone Ranger."
Old friends like bookends. Good friend Dave Barr, who gets me where I need to go on the left. On the right is Charlie Williamson. They were both very helpful and nice.

Will Smith on left, Robert Fuller on right, signing autographs one of the main events here.

I was so happy to finally meet Robert Fuller! I loved him in "Emergency" as a Doctor, but he was in "Laramie" and other shows and movies too.
The stars had their films picked out and playing throughout the weekend. After the films, they'd answer questions and talk with us from the stage in Schieffelin Hall, as Peter Brown (left) and Will Smith (right) are doing here.
Here on the left is Martin (Marty) Kove from the "Karate Kid" and other movies. On the right I'm with Stella Stevens (Still looks the same as she did in the "Poseidon Adventure", doesn't she?).
Exclusive photos and story by Melinda from the
















































































































































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