World class drummer Bun E. Carlos from Cheap Trick sat in with The Blues Hawks during their performance at Cheers. Mule Dog Record's Thomas Leary also took the stage several times that evening and Cheryl Hanson has graciously provided some great pictures documenting this fun night. The occasion was Dave and Cheryl Hanson's 40th anniversary party and among the guests were many old friends including former Wheezer Lockinger and Blues Hawk's drummer Roger Wylie and Cheap Trick's world famous guitarist / songwriter Rick Nielsen. Everyone had a good time and here are the pictures taken by Cheryl:

From left to right: Bob Levis, Dave Hanson, Thomas Leary and Steve Ditzel.

World Class "Cheap Trick" drummer Bun E. Carlos.

Dave Hanson, Thomas Leary and Pat Insko.

Here's a little sample of the Blues Hawks music we previewed in our 2001 review of this great live band:


Don't Tease Me

"Don't Tease Me" ©1999 Dave Hanson Full Song Music BMI

Sitting in with The Blues Hawks.


























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