Mule Dog Web Design has been around since 1996 but only recently has made their services available to the general public. Up until very recently we were only a promotional branch of Mule Dog Records and totally dedicated to the production of Mule Dog Magazine and to the graphic projects generated for the worldwide promotion of the Mule Dog albums. All that has changed and we are now offering our years of experience in web design and graphics expertise to the public in two forms. We are accepting web site projects and we are also offering our services as an advertising agency. Because the logos, photography and artwork created during the course of a web site build are key to the image of our clients it only makes sense to take this work and translate it into the print medium. When we do this we can maintain a consistent image, enhance brand recognition and deliver significant savings to our customers. For example we just recently saved a client 50% on his 4 color glossy tri-folds. When you think of advertising, think of Mule Dog Web Design and the quality of ideas, consistency of branding and the great savings you can get when you take care of your web site and your print advertising at the same time! Contact Mule Dog Web Design at or locally at 394.1274.

Mule Dog Web Design Expanding Into Print.





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