In the past we've told you how fonts are made in "The Story of a Font ". Now, here is the story of how a logo is made. It was suggested by our good friend Andrew Wright from the Rockford chapter of the Red Cross that TL Technological needed a new logo. I hadn't given it much thought and liked the first one I came up with even though it was a little bit complicated:


Andrew insisted that simpler was better. After thinking it over and a few hours on the computer I decided to use an offshoot of the logo we used for the TL2 CD from Mule Dog Records.

Back to the drawing board: Since the TL2 CD pattern wouldn't work I settled on a bold new size and shape for the letters that would allow the TL to stand out more and be recognizable as what it was. Fortunately when I started Mule Dog Records I had bought the Adobe Woodtype Fonts so I had all of them at my disposal. I set the size, created a small field and then cut a circle encompassing a single TL. Unfortunately the TL pattern created an optical illusion and I had to spend an extra hour or so creating false sections to create the shape of a nice round circle.

To make the TL stand out even more I changed the color of the two letters to a blue that was darker than the official Microsoft blue so it would compliment but not match the Microsoft logo on the business card. The final result is shown below for the business card design.
I first tried the exact same pattern as the CD but when applied to the business cards it looked just like well, just that, only a pattern. If you didn't know what it was you just saw a blurry pattern and that was no good.
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