Here's a great new CD from a new Country star Clay DuBose. The first thing that hit me is the great Western Swing tune that starts out thes fantastic CD. I haven't heard anything this good since my good friend Rooster Quantrell put out his legendary self titled solo CD on Stardust Records. It isn't just Western Swing as this great new CD covers the range of tastes and moods making it a complete and varied Country experience. There's plenty of Country to go around here; New and Old. The recording is the best and there is enough New Country here to launch Clay into the top of the Country charts. Another really great song is "No Accident", an up tempo duo with Carmen Mejia that really adds to the energy of this varied album. We also really liked "Crack in the Armor", an inspirational tribute to his military father. There is a lot of Rockin' Country in this CD, it is done well, and Clay's great voice makes this an album a must to listen to. Visit Clay's site for more samples of this great new sound:


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Long Lonely Life

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