The back cover picture of Marion's CD Long Time Gone.

A picture of Marion with her guitar. Marion Randell was born in Dortmund Germany and began playing guitar when she was just 11 years old. Marion has had great success with her solo career since going out on her own in 1994. We're guessing this is due to her beautiful voice and exceptional charisma. Starting in 1997 she won both The European Country Music Award For Female Vocalist and Future Star Award. In 1999 she won the American Horizon Award at the Best Of Texas Awards in Magnolia, Texas. She then won The Independent Country Music Award for Female Artist of The Year and the German Horizon Award from The Independent Country Music Association. Just this year she was inducted into the Hall Of Fame of the Independent Country Music Association Germany. She also received four nominations from the Independent CMA Germany for: Female Singer of the Year, Female Artist of the Year, Duet Song of the Year, and The German Horizon Award winning the Female Artist of the Year and German Horizon Award. She then went on to be nominated by the Independent CMA Germany for: for Traditional Album of the Year (Long Time Gone), Female Artist of the Year, Female Entertainer of the Year, Duet Song of the Year (Marion Randell & Larry Butler, "Corpus Christi Bay") and The Bavarian Lion Award. So you know just why she has won all of these awards were including on the page her award winning song: "Cowboy Cute, Cowgirl Crazy" winner of the Lone Star State country Music Association, Texas: Best Traditional Song Of The Year 2000. We recommend that for a really new traditional sound you give a listen to either of her CD's: "Long Time Gone" or "Downtown Austin" and watch for her next release. Marion will be in Texas again this Winter recording a new album with her fresh new twangy Texas traditional style from the great lone star state. You can visit her site at The Independent CMA Germany for samples and ordering information at:

A small picture of Marion in a denim vest serving as a link to her site.

Cowboy Cute, Cowgirl Crazy

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