The George Day CD cover, an old country log cabin titled Country Feelins.

"George Day is a TRADITIONAL country music songwriter and recording artist from Northeastern Pennsylvania. His 17-track CD 'Country Feelin's' was recently released on GNJ Records. This CD features REAL country music...NO rock and roll guitars...NO pounding drums...but plenty of steel guitar, honky-tonk piano, and fiddle and some terrific lyrics that will please every fan of traditional country music! George Day has written over 400 traditional country music songs, and has recorded 77 on the GNJ Records label. He is an inductee in The National Library of Poetry Hall of Fame. George is a 1st Place winner at the Southwest Texas Songwriter's Association Festival, with 'Blue Lonesome Blues', featured on 'Country Feelin's'. He was awarded 1st Place Male Vocalist at the Traditional Country Music Song Championship in Avoca, Iowa. On charts compiled from Playlists from the European Country Music Association, Nashville Showcase Playlist Board and the Dutch Country DJ's Association, George Day peaked at #2 on the Mainstream Country World-Wide Artists Air Play Chart, stayed in the Top 10 for 12 weeks, and is currently at #15 on that chart, seven months after the CD was released!!!! (More than 2,000 artists receive air play in compiling these charts!). It continues to receive heavy airplay in the US and overseas. - "You Should Know By Now" peaked at #6 on The Music Review Indie Top 40 Charts, and "Beer on the Bar" is currently charting at #3 on The Music Review. "Wherever You Can Take Me" and "High" are on The Music Review Top 40 Gospel/Inspirational Charts!! - "You Should Know By Now" peaked at #3 on Indie Tracker, and George and the "Country Feelin's" CD peaked at #3 on Indie Tracker's Overseas Air Play Charts!! "Country Feelin's" has appeared on several European Charts, including the ECMA, and "Ballad of George" was nominated for an award by the ICMA Germany. The CD and "Beer on the Bar" were featured on a European web site for one month. - George Day and the "Country Feelin's" CD were nominated for several awards by Indie Tracker Magazine and Airplay International. -The CD is also available on, and" Tom Wardle's songwriting talent and promotional skills (Down Home Country Promotions) are major factors of "Country Feelin's" success. Nine of the 17 songs on this album were written by Tom and the other 8 by George himself. Tom is George's agent, promoter, the executive producer on the CD and a country DJ on WDVR-FM 89.7, in Sergeantsville, NJ. This is a nice straight-forward look at traditional country with some really good songs that I'm sure many of our readers will really like. You can visit his site for more samples and ordering information at:

A picture of George Day serving as a button for a link to his site.

Beer On The Bar

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