The logo of the CD: Honky Tonk Heaven. A picture of Erin in a shiny black coat leaning on a brick wall.

Thanks to songwriter Lonnie Ratliff for letting me know about this CD. This is a great CD with a real country angel on vocals. The whole CD is exceptional and is a mixture of the best of the traditional country with some really nice progressive and blues elements included. Mule Dog highly recommends this CD and invites everyone to visit her site for some more of the great material contained on this fine CD. "Erin was born and raised in Southern California. Born to Edward and Patricia Hay on November 25, 1970, she has always been a performer and has always loved music. In fact, if you listen to her Mom, she'll tell you Erin "sang" her first song at 3 months old. Erin was exposed to all kinds of music growing up, from Frank Sinatra, Rosemary Clooney and Judy Garland to her Dad's favorite, Marty Robbins. But at age seven, when she heard Dolly Parton sing for the first time, Erin's love and admiration for traditional country music began to grow. She discovered Loretta Lynn after the film Coal Miner's Daughter came out and soon after discovered Tammy Wynette. These great ladies, along with the likes of George Jones and Jack Greene, became her influences, and it was through them that Erin was introduced to stories of Nashville and the Grand Ole Opry. She quickly took to the music and to the tradition. This is what she loves to sing."

You can visit Erin at her site:

Erin Hay at MP3.COM

If The Phone Don't Ring

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