Cover picture of grey cubistic mountains with snow.  At the bottom of the mountain is the muledog with a rider looking up at the mountain.

Now you can download this image into folder "A" (the folder you store your desktop images in) and then use it as the background on your computer! In some browsers, right click on the picture then left click on "SAVE LINK AS" in folder "A". In other browsers just right click on the picture and select "SAVE TARGET AS" in folder "A" or save somewhere else and then drag into folder "A" later. Please allow a few minutes for the download depending on your Internet speed since the file is around 1 MEG. This large size assures an excellent quality picture for your desktop. Once you have the picture in folder "A" right click on your desktop. Left click on "PROPERTIES" and select the covermuledogworld2001.bmp in the window of the "BACKGROUND" tab and also select "STRETCH" under the "DISPLAY" window at the bottom right of the tag. Left click "APPLY" and you will have the new wallpaper from Mule Dog on your screen.

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