A cartoon of the band represented as themselves but with the heads of hawks.They are standing in a semi-circle, two with guitars in hand in front of an electric field of blue.

The Blues Hawks have a new CD out and it is really worth a listen. The band has proven it is a survivor in the rough and tumble midwest bar scene where bands and players come and go. They only recently lost one of their founding members, former Wheezer Lockinger drummer/singer Roger Wylie but with Dave Hanson'sA picture of a smiling Dave Hanson with his harp in hand. increasingly powerful vocal talents and a new drummer (Mike Lindstrom) they were able to bounce back stronger than ever. Since I began this article they have added a new bass player (Jeff Lemmons) and with Dave Hanson still out front singing and playing his molten metal blues harp they continue chugging along without missing a beat. Both Dave and Tim Roe (guitar) worked for Cheap Trick. In fact, Tim played with them last summer at their 25th anniversary show here in Rockford. Cheap Trick's Drummer Bun E. played on two songs on their current CD and both Bun E. and Rick Nielsen show up to jam with the band from time to time. The group just won the award for Best Blues Band this year at the local RAMI awards. The Blues Hawks really know how to kick out the Blues and like a powerful blues train they continue to push forward with their trademark blend of contemporary blues. You can visit them and hear more at their site:

The Blues Hawks

Don't Tease Me

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