Cobasoft Clock Review

Here's a great little software program that sits in your tray when you want to use it and is no problem at all to un-install if you don't want it once you try it. The best feature on this clock is the alarms you can set to remind yourself of deadlines and commitments (so you know what to leave in etc....).

It has an optional phases of the moon pop up window to tell you how old the moon is and when the next full moon is due so this is THE pick for all of my werewolf friends
(howdy to all the ones in London).

Here's the info from their site:


Cobasoft has released Clock 2.5 for Windows, a versatile, tray-based timepiece with activity logging and moon phase display. Cobasoft Clock is a tiny analog clock that lives in the system tray. You can set alarms and timers with only two mouse clicks and use the Clock as a tea timer, office exercise scheduler or phone reminder. You can also use the Clock to track any activity on you computer, which is good for time billing or watching what the kids did, while you where away. The alarms and timers can also launch programs and play sound and video files. The Report produces a readable journal file that can be imported into spreadsheet programs. The moon phase icon is shown in the system tray and has a ToolTip that shows the exact time of the next full or new moon. Colors and other settings are fully customizable. Cobasoft Clock 2.5 for Windows costs $9.95 for a single-user license. Network and site rebates are generous."

For more information go to Link below:

or send email to the author.

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