Hermann Lammers Meyer proves one more time that he is Europe's "King Of Dance Hall Music"! In his new release "Stories We Could Tell" he gives us some of his most memorable older numbers as well as some great new hits. By putting together this collection that includes "The Waltz Of The Wind", "Rose Of The Mountains", and "Stories We Could Tell" , Hermann gives us almost a "greatest hits" CD! You have to hear "Hillbilly Fever"! It is a real hit but there are so many great songs on this CD you should hear the whole CD from start to finish.

We found it especially interesting that Willie Nelson sang on one of the songs. When asked about this Hermann said: "I was a country music fan since the mid 6oth, when I heard a song on AFN Radio (Armed Forces Network,US) here in Germany, first discovered the sound of a steel guitar as a boy, in fact it was the legendary Jimmy Day playing the steel guitar in a Willie Nelson song. That somehow led my way into one certain direction, years later I formed a band, visited the states and learned all about country music, and I met a band from Houston/Texas and we kinda made band exchanges, one year Clay Blaker / leader of that band, brought his band to Germany, and the steel guitar player`s name was Jimmy Day.. they stayed with me for weeks and we all became real friend.... years later in 1995 ) Jimmy Day introduced me to his buddy and ex-boss Willie Nelson and among a bunch of my original songs we got to record Willie`s tune "The Part Where I Cry" at the Pedernales Studio in Spicewood,Tx ...... using Jimmy Day and Buddy Emmons on twin steel guitars ..(-first time ever)... and Willie Nelson sang a few lines with me. During that same recording session we cut another duet, or you might call it a trio, as "Pretty Miss" Norma Jean joined the two of us, "There`s A Little Bit Of Everything In Texas" was the titel of the song.....man, that realy made my day, that day, .... thanks Jimmy Day."

If you haven't heard Hermann yet what are you waiting for? Go to his site and check out some of the fantastic music he has been putting out with the help of his great Country band the EMSLAND HILLBILLIES. This CD can be obtained from Desert Kid Records, Drosselweg 15, 26871 Aschendorf, Germany or by visiting Hermann's Website at:


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