Mule Dog Magazine is proud to name "INDIAN ROSE" By MEDICINE HAT

Song Of The Year.

Medicine Hat is a high energy Southern Rock group set in motion by a journey of two English musicians, singer Mark Jackson and guitarist Steven Loveday, to the Northern plains of America where, after travels through Indian reservations and smokey bars they were brought to a Lakota medicine man named Pala Ska. Under his direction they went to Bare Butte in South Dakota, the holy place of the Lakota and Cheyenne. There they were told to forge the album Bone Dry. Rounding out the group is Mark Jackson lead vocalist. Born in New Zealand and raised in Australia, South Africa and the U.S., his hard driving vocal style and furious passion for "Outlaw Country" and Native America is a perfect match for the group's hard edge. although the album is studio, it is one of those that imparts just how electrifying and powerful the band is on a live performance, and the studio work is such that the energy and life remains in the mix. The material on the CD is consistent and sounds like it would be great for concert work. However, among the songs is a real diamond. We found that the song "Indian Rose" is one of those one in a million songs that we are sure will be the one that breaks it wide open for Medicine Hat. High energy Southern Rock at it's finest from the UK!

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Indian Rose

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