If you're wondering where I got the great buttons for the magazine this time look no further! Here is a really great program. It's easy to use but at the same time allows the most complex custom layouts. The program can control all aspects of button positioning, appearance and actions so if you want something special you can tailor make your buttons with this versitle tool. Here are their specs:

"Buttons can be arranged in a column, in a row, or you can specify the size and position of each button. Buttons may overlap each other. The button applet background can be colored, or a bitmap. Bitmap backgrounds can be scaled to fit the applet, centered or tiled. Each button can be assigned a URL to link to when clicked, and a target frame. 1CBT allows multiple URLs and target frames per button. A button can be behave like a Push Button, a Check box or a Radio Button. All buttons have three states -- Up, Down and Mouse-over. You can assign different colours, bitmaps, sounds and text labels to each of these states. You can test the button project at any time without launching an external browser. Buttons can be duplicated, deleted or re-ordered. You can create a new bitmap button from any GIF or JPEG bitmap."

It can make both Flash and Java buttons. Different situations require different approaches. Sometimes Java applets are smaller, faster and more effective. On other occasions you might prefer the polish and reliability of Flash files. You can go to their website for a trial version. I highly recommend this great little program:

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