My anti-virus program had run out on me and I had been hearing about this new FREE program that was supposed to be just as good or better than the "Pay per view" I was using (a tip of the cowboy hat to my good friend Dick Shuey from TWANGTOWNUSA.COM) I rate software 50% on the actual program and 50% on tech support. In my dealings with this company I have been amazed by the quick response time and friendly knowledgeable support. I give their support a rating of: "Good As Gold". Here's a brief description of what they have to offer:

"100% detection rate of AVG Anti-Virus System is continuously certified by independent ICSA laboratories. Visit ICSA web pages for more... AVG 6.0 Anti-Virus System uses the latest revolutionary technologies - Virus Stalker and Active Modular Core AVG Virus Alert Network will bring you the latest information, the virus alerts, announcement of the latest AVG features through your email on regular basis and absolutely free of charge.

GRISOFT Inc. - Company Profile Grisoft Inc. is a U.S.-based company established in 1998 as a holding company for Grisoft, s.r.o., a Czech Republic-based high-tech company specializing in the development and marketing of anti-virus software for computer systems since 1990. Having successfully developed its AVG anti-virus software with exceptional heuristic capabilities, and captured over 50% market share in its home market, Grisoft is now poised to take its marketing efforts to the international anti-virus market that is expected to grow annually by 35%. Grisoft Inc.'s primary roles are to undertake marketing and sales operations on anti-virus markets outside Central Europe where its 100% owned subsidiary, Grisoft s.r.o., has been the market leader in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia for the last seven years. There are many methods for detecting viruses but AVG combines them uniquely in a completely new way as all functions make use of a single module - the heuristic emulator. Moreover, AVG anti-virus system runs under Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 3.x and DOS and includes resident protection for all platforms. All versions are part of the same retail box, allowing the user to continue using AVG anti-virus software and upgrading the operating system whenever necessary. With all testing to date indicating that AVG Software is a highly competitive product utilizing both scanning and heuristic analysis in virus detection, the primary expansion target of Grisoft is the United States anti-virus market."

You can visit their web site for a FREE download of this great program at:

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